Transcending Those Old Voices...

August 27, 2019


So I always believed throughout my life that I was born into this word to be of service to others. My career took off early, starting as an Emergency Medical Technician for an ambulance company during my senior year in high school. I have worked for Lake Worth Police Department, Palm Beach County Rangers and the Sheriff's Office. I was a Disaster Team Captain for the American Red Cross. I worked with Delinquent Juveniles as a counselor in a group home setting. Most recently I have been blessed to be a public speaker in the realm of spirit. I've been very lucky that life has always seemed to be about creating and holding a space for others.


As my life continues to grow and change and evolve - I try to be fluid enough to allow it to take me where it needs to go. Most recently, I am watching and feeling a persistent shift start to align, once again seeing the commonalities within people I am meeting - and things that I am learning. The last few years have been about learning to get out of my way, and just let things take their course - and I am getting pretty good at relaxing into that.


I'm not quite as ready as the others around me, Trish Yancey and Steve Ray, Sean Kelley and David, Allen and Taylor... life is still busy gently stripping away my ego and ignorance, and my constant need to be right. But something good is coming out of it all. I'm learning that life runs on intention. Where I put my attention - that's where my energy goes.


So get ready.... this coming year is gonna be awesome. We have spent years now exploring and talking about spirit, without ever understand that where I aim my spirit, I know that it has an affect. All around me there are bigger things at work here than my preferences. I am excited to know that there is something new and awesome coming right around the corner.


So I choose to relax a bit and lean into all of that - If you want a bigger life, you have to ask bigger questions : )

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