How to Unwind from a Bad Mood:

August 27, 2019


If your like me, there are a lot of things that trigger a bad mood. And a lot of times, I can use a bad mood to blow up the rest of my day. I can use it as an excuse for not getting anything done at work or at home. When I get into a bad mood it doesn't just trouble me - it often affects the people around me as well.


It's unavoidable - bad moods are just going to happen sometimes. But it helps to know a few simple techniques that will help to snap out of it quickly, so we can continue on with our day. Here are a few simple tricks I have learned that will help you to turn your bad mood around:


1.) Take a short break: Take a few moments to get away from the stress of what is happening around you, and escape for a break, either alone or with your favorite buddy. Taking a short break period will definitely help you reset from a bad mood.


2.) Talk to someone you enjoy:

We all have a special person that is funny and makes us laugh, sometimes talking to them will heal a sour mood. Give it a try!


3.) Take a few minutes to do something you like doing:

Take a moment to do something you really like to do, such as reading a few pages from a book. Sneak off into the bathroom and dance around like a crazy person. Stop at the convenience store and get some M&Ms. Take a moment to reset your mood by doing something you really enjoy.


4.) Be Calm:

I often find that ususally when I'm in a bad mood - its because I created my own storm around me. I fixate on a problem and won't unclench from it. Listen to music, take a few moments to meditate or take a walk in the garden to calm yourself and just enjoy being alone for a few moments.


5.) Be Optimistic:

Allow time for things to calm themselves. I have an unwritten rule that if something unsettling happens - I try to wait 24 hours before I make a decision regarding it. Sometimes I can, and sometimes I can't. The best thing about time is that it often changes how I am viewing a challenge. Be understanding and be smart regarding this and you will always make better decisions when something negative pops up.

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