10 Ways To Calm Yourself Down

August 27, 2019

Everybody gets anxious or angry sometimes - it's a part of life. Here are some helpful, practical techniques that you can use next time you find yourself in an anxious moment, and need to calm yourself.



1.) Breathe

The simple act of stopping and taking a few deep breathes is the single most effective method for alleviating anxiety and anger quickly.


When we become anxious or angry and get ourselves into a spin, most of us begin to tense up and begin to take tense, shallow breaths. This action sends an alarm to our brain that puts us into fight-or-flight mode. Our entire body begins to tense up, and our brains go into survival mode.


Taking deep, long calming breaths will short circuit the fight-or-flight response and allow you to become calmer. Take one deep full breath, and allow yourself to exhale fully. Pay attention to your body, and allow your shoulders to relax. Three or four full deep breaths, along with an equal amount of time for exhalation is recommended.


As soon as you feel you are comfortable with deep breathing, begin to change your inhalation and exhalation ratio to 1:2. This means slowing down your rate of exhalation so that it is twice as long as your rate of inhalation. Continue as needed until you find yourself calming down. Make sure that you practice this technique at times when you are calm, so that you will be ready for those moments in which you are angry or anxious.


2.) Visualize Yourself Being Calm:

Continue the practice of breathing, and after a few full deep breaths, close your eyes for a few moments and actually picture yourself being calm. See in your minds eye that your body is relaxed, and imagine yourself being able to work through a stressful or anxiety causing situation by staying calm and focused throughout the event. By creating a mental picture of what it looks like to stay calm - you can use that image to manifest calmness in your current situation.


3.) Relax Your Body:

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